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Wind Spinners ... ...

What is a Wind Spinner?

The Wind Spinner is both an outdoor and indoor decoration designed to add colour and bring a unique splash of light to wherever you put it.

They come completely flat packed for your convenience and you simply open the layers out.  Hang it up using the hook and swivel and let the breeze pass through the layers causing it to spin!

See our video below on 'How To Open A Wind Spinner'.

Can It Go Outdoors? Will It Rust?

YES it can go outdoors ... this is what it's primary use is for!  Everything in the Spin Art range is made from stainless steel. This means that it is perfect to go outdoors all year round and will not rust! Unlike many others on the market which is why we here at GQ choose Spin Art!

Will I Need A Battery Motor?

Outdoor Use

No is the simple answer!  You do not NEED a battery motor for outdoor use.   A Wind Spinner will spin by itself in the wind, at varying speeds, as it is reliant on the elements. 

However, in a sheltered area, feel free to put your battery motor in the garden to allow your Wind Spinner to spin continuously ... that is, until you switch it off!

Indoor Use: 

Yes.  Your Wind Spinner is wind dependent, and therefore placing it inside can hinder this. Simply attach your Wind Spinner to a battery motor.  Switch the motor on and watch the Wind Spinner turn continuously indoors until you switch it off! 

Due to the stunning effects created by a Wind Spinner, their use indoors has become increasingly popular.  They are a great addition to any room and look amazing in a conservatory or porch area.

How To Open A Wind Spinner ... ...

In this video our expert Spin Art colleague, Neil, explains how to open up a Wind Spinner correctly!   It is much simpler than you can imagine.   The product comes completely flat packed in the envelope.   Simply slide the Wind Spinner out and tease the layers open from the centre as shown in the demonstration.

We recommend that you open your Wind Spinner anywhere between 45-90 degrees.

Once open, simply use the hook and swivel attachment provided to hang your Wind Spinner up and enjoy!

Spinning ... ...

Once you have opened up your Wind Spinner, simply hang it anywhere you choose! 

The Wind Spinner will spin by itself in the wind outdoors. The spinning action / direction is totally dependent upon the wind!

However, if it is being used indoors then you will need a battery motor as can be seen in the video opposite.

As it spins, your Wind Spinner will reflect any light that it picks up from its surroundings.  This results in a beautiful ripple effect on the Wind Spinner itself.

York Christmas Market 2019

A large range of our wind spinners at York Christmas Market.

Please note that the Wind Spinners in our Christmas Chalet are on battery motors.   This is why the Wind Spinners are all spinning continuously.

Wind Spinner Chalet @ York Christmas Market 2019